Best Indoor Long-Range HDTV Antenna (100+ Miles Range) [2022]

Top rated indoor TV antennas

The best long-range indoor HDTV antenna gives you enough headroom to watch your favorite free over-air channels in superior quality. Indoor tv antennas are cheaper to get these days and there is no monthly subscription fee to pay as well. You can some of the most famous free over-air channels related to sports, news, and entertainment with the help of these indoor antennas.

Furthermore, if you are living in the outbacks or countryside, then you’ll need a reliable indoor HDTV antenna with a long reception range. So, we tested different antenna brands here in this guide to help you pick the one that you need.

best long range Indoor tv antenna

Our Top Pick: Cuwada TV antenna

  • Compact Design
  • 130 miles reception range
  • HD channels

To enjoy sports, movies, or to watch news tv antennas make a perfect match. There is a variety of antennas available in the market. No matter what is the quality and price all deliver free HD channels. It is a cord-cutter and free-of-cost source to get entertainment.

Although the market is saturated with the number of brands that are manufacturing the antennas yet it is good to pick the one that ensures longevity, has clear videos and picks up maximum channels.

infographic of indoor tv signal receivers

For those who need the best quality, long-range antenna but don’t have much know-how about the top-rated products.

Don’t worry! We have listed the top eight models of the year after doing research and taking reviews so that you can select the one that ideally meets your needs.

Top 8 Best Long-Range Indoor HDTV Antenna with 100+ Miles Range

Let’s go through and get the ideal piece of indoor antenna for your family entertainment.

1. Digital HDTV Antenna | Best Indoor HD Antenna with Long Reception Range

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 450 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
Mixtoca HDTV long range antenna

Digital HDTV antenna has become the top pick of the year because it provides free local HD channels like CBS, Fox, PBC, ABC, and many more. No more extra heavy bills and no mess of cables around your tv lounge. Just connect the antenna and start watching Tv.

This ideal tv antenna that picks up cable channels comes with 13 feet long coaxial cable having a super amplifier attached to it.

It is an incredible device that has a long-range of about 450 miles that easily catches hundreds of tv channels.  Moreover, it offers a strong reception and the best signals.

The compact design enables you to adjust anywhere. Even you can hang it conveniently. Thanks to the boost technology that catches the signals from all directions and provides high-quality video.

The high-quality graphic design, white graphic interface high gain, low bit error, and a=all other features in between make it the best option for TV lovers.

Another plus point is that you can adjust the range of the amplifier when you set it below 30 miles the yellow lights turn on while with an amplification range of above 30 miles the light turns green.


  • Long-range tv antenna
  • Cover range of 450 miles
  • Provide HD quality signals
  • Clear signals
  • Affordable


  • Signals get weak at the lower position so there is a need to hang on a long tower or upper position.

2.      GE Attic | Best Indoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 60 miles for 4K Channels
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
best long range indoor tv antenna for rural areas

GE Attic mount antenna is an incredible indoor digital tv antenna that is the choice of many users because of the delivery of 1080p high-quality signals.  Full HD channels like ABC, NBC, Fox, and others can be watched by connecting this gadget to the TV.

Get rid of cable bills and bring the GE attic antennas as you not only get high-quality video but the signals are so clear that the sound quality that you receive is superb also.

It is a long-range antenna that can reach up to 60 miles when installed in your attic. It maintains signal strength and delivers smooth signals.

The durable, easy-to-install antenna comes with a mounting bracket for quick hanging to the tower. No need of taking the help of a mechanic just read the instructions and install it to enjoy watching tv during your free time.


  • Long-range tv antenna
  • Delivery of strong and smooth signals
  • Mount bracket for easy installation in tower or hook.


  • Antenna lacks amplifier

3.      1byone Urban Antenna| With Great Reception Range

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 200 miles
  • Warranty: 24-month

Wide range 4K receiver for smart TV

Get ready to watch your favorite high-definition tv channels without the hassle of the cable by installing the 1byone foldable antenna. It is a superb and best long-range indoor tv antenna for rural areas.

The foldable design, long signal reception range, and the catching of high-quality channels make the product stand out in the market.

The foldable channels around the antenna allow 360-degree reception thus providing solid signals that have clear video and sound.

The built-in VHF enhancement and advanced filtering system provide a multiple-direction reception. This helps in the improvement of the signal strength and reduces the dropout.

Moreover, the advanced filter technology blocks FM and cellular signals. It means your Tv will get a super low noise picture and clear sound quality.

The quick installation feature helps you to mount anywhere without seeking the help of others. Enjoy watching your favorite channels without paying extra cable bills and stay satisfied with your choice.


  • Convenient to Install
  • High-quality video and sound quality
  • Affordable


  • No amplifier present.

4.    Best Long Range HDTV Antenna for Indoor Use

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 160 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
Best Long Range HDTV Antenna for Indoor use

Enjoy the HD quality video by connecting your TV with the Miles TV antenna an incredibly long-range antenna. The compact antenna is easy to hang with a window or to place on the table.

Thanks to a long coaxial cable that allows you to place on the high tower to have optimal reception. Moreover, the antenna features an amplifier that acts as a signal booster and reduces the loss of signal strength.

The best thing about the antenna is that you can switch between two modes. The maximum range of the antenna is about 160 miles. It has an awesome range and scans high-quality channels.

You can watch HDTV multiple channels and enjoy it during your free time. The installation of this antenna is super easy. You have to connect one end of the coaxial cable to the device and another TV.

Adjust the face so it can receive maximum signals for the provision of maximum channels.


  • Long range
  • Easy to Install
  • Catches HD quality channels.


  • Some channels got out when the weather is cloudy.

5.   Newest Oliomp | Compact Indoor TV Antenna

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 70 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
Compact Antenna for smart tv for RV & indoor use

Cut down the huge bills by connecting your Tv with the newest sleek and stylish antenna. This incredible source catches full HD quality channels that include the ABC, FOX, NBC, The CW, HD channels, Univision.

Moreover, you can watch news, sitcoms, sports, and kids’ shows. The new technology booster comes with an amplifier feature that improves the range of the antenna.

Thanks to the Smart IC chip and Clean Peak filter technology that filters out the FM and cellular signals that provide low noise and clear signals.

If we talk about its design, it is so smart and compact that you can easily hang or place it in a small space. Moreover, you can hide it conveniently behind the TV thus giving your room a mess-free appeal.

Another feature that makes it ideal for the user sits rotation ability. You can rotate it about 180 degrees to catch better signals. The best thing about the antenna is its durable construction.

You will find no signal interface and get the HD quality reception. It is an ideal antenna with a range of 130 miles and a 10 ft long cable that helps you to connect your tv from some distance where it gets the strong signals.


  • Durable construction
  • Strong signals
  • Long-range
  • HD quality tv channels.


  • The device cannot stand up its own need to hang only.

6.      Amplified HD Digital TV Indoor Antenna for More Channels

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 130 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
Smart Receiver for More TV Channels inside RV

Another long-range indoor tv antenna 100 miles range is the amplified antenna that offers excellent Tv channel coverage. The antenna comes with an amplified multidirectional reception range that easily catches the signals even if you are present in an urban area.

Save thousands of dollars by installing this easy-to-use antenna system. You simply have to place it on the table or deck and connect it with your TV.

The lightweight yet durable construction makes it reliable. The ergonomic design helps you to place or hang on the window and get signals of excellent strength.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong signal reception
  • long-range


  • Somewhat large and clumsy in appearance need extra space for fitting.

7.      Most Reliable Longest Range Indoor Antenna with Long 120 Miles Range

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 50 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
Most Reliable TV receiver for indoor use

If you are looking for something stylish and fashionable accessory for your Tv then this latest model is a perfect option. The long-range antenna with 120 miles of coverage provides high-quality Tv channels.

The well-crafted antenna comes with a coaxial cable and filter technology that offers a clear picture, and clear sound quality. The mini fashion design can be adjusted horizontally or vertically depending on the space.

Get ready to watch the HD quality tv channels and kick out your spare time by installing this incredibly advanced antenna with an amplification feature.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual positions settings
  • 120 miles range


  • Somewhat large and need extra space for installation.

8.     RCA Indoor TV Antenna for RVs and Small Apartments

Key Specs:

  • Signal Reception Range: 70 miles
  • Warranty: Not mentioned

TV Antenna for Small Spaces

RCA indoor antenna is one of the best HDTV antennae that provide VHF and UHF reception. The best thing about the antenna is that it provides the 4K and 1080 HDTV quality channels.

You can connect the antenna with the Rou tv as well, it means you get ample options. The durable antenna is crafted with weather-resistant material so it does not get rusted or damaged.

So, you can conveniently install not only indoors but also outdoors as well. The antenna offers the inline amplifier with 20 feet coaxial cable for somewhat far distance connectivity.


  • Long-distance range
  • Connect with Roku tv
  • Inline amplification feature


  • Sometimes signals get a week.


What is the best indoor HDTV antenna long-range?

The best indoor HDTV is the one that covers the maximum range and provides signals without interference. In the market, the long-range indoor tv antenna is 200 miles present.

It is ideal for those living in rural areas and needs something incredible to catch the signals of HD tv channels like ABC, Fox News, or NBP.

You should consider the one that has amplification features, catches HD tv channels, and provide high sound and video quality.

How to boost indoor tv antenna signal?

The best Indoor antenna is one that comes with amplification equipment. The good one has a different amplification mode so you can adjust to set the range to get the high-quality Tv channel streaming.

In case your antenna is equipped with an amplifier and still, you don’t get appropriate signals, then in that situation, change the position of the antenna, hang to a high source and rotate it in different positions to get excellent reception.

What indoor tv antenna has the longest range?

Finding a long-range antenna is not a hard task. You can find the one that offers a maximum range between 160 to 200 miles. A Digital HD antenna or smart antenna with an amplifier is the best source that offers good channel reception.

The ideal one is that also comes with an amplification feature that boosts the signals and provides excellent coverage of channels that have good sound and video quality.

How to hook up an indoor antenna to Samsung smart tv?

Different antenna models come with different hooking sources, some come with a clip so you can easily hook it up with the help of a nail.

Others come to withstand so you can conveniently place them on the table near the window or Tv console. There are a few models that come with sticky tape so you can easily pass it on to the window or the TV desk.

What is the best indoor antenna for digital tv reception?

Digital HD Indoor Antenna Amplified 200 Miles is one of the perfect options to connect with your TV set. It catches the signals from a far distance and provides high-definition channels.

How far can an indoor antenna reach?

Well, the typical reception range of an indoor antenna can be as far as 150 miles. Cheaper indoor antennas have a lower signal reception range as compared to expensive antennas.

Is there an indoor antenna that reaches 100 miles?

Yes, an indoor antenna can easily catch a TV signal from the booster that is 100 miles away. However, not every indoor antenna has such a higher capacity to receive long-range signals. You have to read the description on the box or ask your local TV dealer to know about the maximum signal reception range of an indoor TV antenna.

Does aluminum foil boost antenna signal reception?

Yes, by wrapping a foil around your antenna you can boost its signal reception capacity. However, it would be a slight improvement. Wrapping thin aluminum foils increase the surface area and conductivity of your antenna, thus improving the signal reception.

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