Best TV Stands & Game Racks For Multiple Video Game Consoles

TV stands collection for gaming TVs

No matter if you are looking for a TV stand for Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, we’ve done the tough part for you right here in this guide. If you are after a decent TV stand that comes with a storage box and racks for your gaming DVDs, then we got covered.

We’ve tested and ranked the most highly-rated TV stands for multiple video game consoles here in this article. Also, we’ve made sure that all the entertainment centers in this guide are durable, have more storage, and are easy to assemble.

Best TV Stands For Multiple Game Consoles

When you build the home theatre, you need multiple devices. You need audio tuners, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, soundbars, and much more along with your TV.

To keep all things well organized it is good to have the best TV stand for multiple gaming consoles and media devices. Choosing the best ones, all depends on your preferences.

You need an item that adjusts in your space, has the capacity to store all your items as well as offers a secure placement of your flat-screen TV.

Top 7 Best TV Stands For Multiple Video Game Consoles Reviewed

If you want to buy a TV stand that offers integrity, maximum space, and a cool appearance, then have a glance at the list of the top seven TV stands.

Go through the features and then pick the TV stand that matches your needs and budget.


1. Ameriwood Home Elevation TV Stand | The Best Overall for Game Console

The Best Overall TV Stand

Ameriwood Home elevation is the TV stand with space for multiple game consoles.  It is an excellent furniture piece to upgrade your TV lounge.

The TV stand comes with three different-sized shelves that can hold multiple electronic devices. The well-crafted TV shelves are designed with a metal frame and have hollow-core shelves that can hold your devices ideally.

Place either your game console, home theatre speakers, or DVD player. Moreover, you can place some decoration pieces to enhance the appeal of the stand.

The perfect piece for the living room comes with the snap-on back panel that hides the wires and gives a clear effect and you find no mess due to wires.

The TV stand with floating shelves is ideal not for your living area but for the bedroom as well because of its sleek and stylish appearance.

The anchored stand can accommodate 60 inches of the TV having a maximum weight of 175 pounds. The overall dimension of the stand is about 58.125″h x 29.5″w x 20.1875″d.

It is an ideal TV stand that comes with a black finish and compliments any furniture and room theme.


  • Floating shelves
  • Durable
  • Metallic finish that gives the product longevity


  • Expensive

2. Modway Render Mid-Century | Best Low Profile TV Stand 

Best Low Profile TV Stand  for gming console

For those who love some traditional things for their home décor then this chic TV stands from the house of Modway render makes a perfect match.

It is a low-profile retro modern table that ideally sits in your living room. The elongated table with 7.5 inches height from floor to underside is crafted with natural wood grains.

The sturdy table is well designed and comes with central holes that are best to hide all wires.

The durable table includes drawers to place the game consoles so everything is hidden and keep the inside gadgets dustproof/ the dimension of each drawer is about 12.5 L x 18.5 W x 7.5 H inches.

This sophisticated TV stand offers maximum storage. The sliding doors have adjustable shelves. Moreover, the center drawer and shelf are perfect to store other home accessories.

The sturdy table is large enough to hold 60 inches flat-screen TV conveniently. Bring this contemporary living room piece to know and give your space an enticing look.

Non-marking tapered legs are another feature that makes it the choice for users.

You can place with confidence as it will create no marks on the floor a swell as tapered legs keep the table in position thus you don’t have any fear that it drag easily.


  • Wooden grain sturdy construction
  • Large enough for adjustment of 60-inch Flat TV
  • Vintage stand


  • Cleaning off the table is difficult because of meshwork design

3. Atlantic Centipede | Cheap & Versatile Stand for TVs up to 32-Inches

Cheap & Versatile Gaming TV stand

If you are looking for a TV stand with something extraordinary with a minimalist design then give a chance to the Atlantic centipede game storage TV stand.

Thanks to the compact design that can be easily adjusted in a small space. The well-crafted TV stand is designed with steel rod construction that has adjustable nonmarring feet.

You can fold or unfold the wings of the stand to make it compact. It is ideal for rooms where there is less space. This stand is perfect for gaming TVs that are compact and smaller in dimension.

The stand comes with one main op shelf, 3 shelves for the console, 4 controller hooks, 12 games, and headphone holders. It means it is a platform to adjust all your gaming accessories in one place without any mess.

The table with compartments makes an excellent choice for those who have a lot of media-related stuff and need a compact solution.

Buy this incredible game console organizer and give your room a tidy appearance.


  • Stable
  • Minimalist design
  • Multiple shelves


  • Not suitable for all consoles, big one does not adjust comfortably.

4. Ameriwood Home Carson Stand | Best TV Stand for TVs up to 75-inch TVs

Best for TVs Over 50-inch Width

The modern TV stand from the Ameriwood home is another excellent piece in our top pick. The wood-crafted spacious table is best for the placement of flat-screen TV on top.

It comes with one main shelf, two underneath shelves, and two side cabinets. The vast space offers storage of plenty of things. Keep your consoles, DVDs, and other gaming gear on adjustable shelves.

Moreover, the holes allow you to have mess-free wire adjustments. Behind the cabinet doors is a present additional shelf and one is adjustable according to the height of the gadget you want to place there.

The overall dimension of this cool TV stand is 20.5″ H x 47.2″ W x 15.75″ D.

The table with open and closed storage has become one of the best TV stands for gaming because of its affordable price, durable, sturdy construction, and spacious nature.

The stand allows you to keep 50 inches flat-screen TV with a max weight of 60 pounds conveniently over it.


  • Sturdy design
  • Multiple compartments
  • Affordable


  • Not best for the small spaces.

5. FITUEYES Universal | Best TV Stand for 32 to 60 inch TVs

Best TV Stand with Mount

The simple yet sleek riser for TV is the perfect option to keep in your room. The compact design allows you to adjust it conveniently.

The brackets are present for mounting the TV while the 8mm thick glass shelf is perfect to keep your gaming console. The adjustable brackets come with 4 position adjustment feature.

You can raise the height for the installation of a soundbar or Kinect-like game sensors. The robust design allows you to keep a flat-screen TV range from, 32 to 60 inches.

Moreover, it is compatible with almost all brands like Samsung, Sony, TCL, Sharp, Haier, Toshiba, and many more. 

The quick assembling and easy placement of the TV on brackets is another incredible feature that makes it user-friendly.


  • Compact design
  • Brackets are suitable for almost all type of flatscreen TV
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Lack of multiple compartments

6. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go | Best Value TV Stand with Game Rack Box

Most Versatile gaming console TV stand

Our next top pick is the convenience concept video game TV stand that offers wide space for the easy placement of the media, DVD player, and other gaming products.

The durable stand is constructed with wood grain lamination that gives it strength and longevity.

Thanks to the solid plastic opaque door that makes it durable as well as allows the placement of things in an organized way. The stand is ideal for the Flat screen TV up to 36 inches.

It means it is a good one for the bedroom and small lounges. The attractive TV stand is durable and keeps your room mess-free. Buy this incredible TV stand and bring elegance to your TV lounge.


  • Solid and heavy
  • Multiple compartments
  • Holes for keeping wires organized


  • Not for large flat screen TV

7. Kanto MTM65PL | Best Height Adjustable TV Monitor Riser

Best Height Adjustable TV Stand with Wheels

The Kanto TV stand is the mobile type option that is it comes with wheels so you can easily move your TV and gaming gadgets to any room easily.

These are quick-release smooth wheels so you can drag the trolley conveniently. The best thing about wheels is the presence of the locks.

You can lock the wheels when you adjust the position of the trolley. It resists free moving and keeps the stand in one position.

Whenever you need to change the position, unlock wheels, move them, and then fix them to maintain the position of the trolley.

The mounting brackets are adjustable and you can keep the flat-screen TV from 32 to 60 inches. Moreover, the stand height is adjustable also.

With a button operation, you can keep the height according to your requirements.

The middle tray is adjustable so that you keep your DVD, speakers, gaming console, or another electronic item according to its dimensions.

The compact design gives it an additional point as you can place it in any small space.

Furthermore, the holes allow you a clutter-free setup. You can hide all wires and thus it gives a tidy appearance to your room. Another excellent feature is the presence of the accessory tray.

It means now you can keep remote, audiovisual equipment, webcam, and cables in one place. No more mess now, everything will remain organized with this super cool mobile TV stand.


  • Moveable TV stand
  • Durable
  • Wheels have locks to keep the trolley in position


  • Lack of multiple compartments

Final Verdict

The selection of the best TV stand for multiple game consoles is not as hard as you might have thought. First, you must know your budget and space. Then decide on the piece that is suitable for your needs.

If you have different media items like gaming consoles, speakers, DVD players, or home theatre then a TV stand with multiple compartments is the perfect option.

Otherwise, for single gaming console placement, one compartment stands with TV brackets to make a good choice. Buy the one that ideally fits in your room and meets the placement of your things requirement.

Buying Guide for Choosing Multiple Video Game Consoles

We’ve chosen these gaming TV stands based on the factors below:


You’ve to make sure that the stand you pick is reliable with the size of your TV. Make sure to measure your space and then go with your purchase. If you have two or three-game consoles, then a normal TV stand would be more than enough.


Durability is the most important factor to consider when going for a multiple-game console TV stand. You’ll find TV stands made up of wood or steel. The wooden stands look more decent and are more durable than a thinner stand made up of steel. However, steel or aluminum TV stands come with an adjusted height mechanism.

Again, the type of material that you pick depends upon your budget. Wooden TV stands do often come with shelves to display your DVDs and game consoles.


A TV stand is worthless if it doesn’t come with a shelf. Make sure you go for a TV stand that comes with multiple shelves for storing DVDs and game consoles. The shelves on a TV stand should be more than the width or height of your game console.


A good way to expand your storage is to look for a TV stand that comes with drawers. This gives you the freedom to store your gaming accessories and other important peripherals.


How do I choose a TV stand for gaming?

To choose the best TV stand for multiple game consoles it is important to first understand your need. Check out the space you have in your room, plus see your budget. The next step is to check the requirement of compartments.

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