Best 75-inch TVs for 4K Gaming [2022]

75 inches TVs

Are you looking for the best 75 inch TVs for gaming? Indeed you are in the right place. It would be best if you opted for modern TVs as they support gaming mode, android functionalities, and much more.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture gaming TVs that are also capable of regular use.

Size, color, manufacturer, type, and resolution as the significant factors based on which we categorize best and bad gaming TVs. The price tag is also different for each kind of TV.

As far as price is concerned, the companies with the best reputation in the market are also the most expensive.

New companies that have launched their products in the international market not so long ago are generally quite affordable. However, the difference in quality is not much. Products are near to the same condition.

The Best 75-inch TVs for 4K Gaming

Best 75 inch TVs for Gaming

Choice of the product depends on the user; if they can afford pricey TV they should go for it. The fact is that international companies are expensive, but they provide ample services to their customers.

Some of the best 4k 75 inch TVs for gaming are as follows:

1-SAMSUNG 75-inch QLED Q60T Series | Best TV for High-End Gaming Experience

Best TV for High-End Gaming Experience

The mentioned product is manufactured by one of the best brands in the international market. Samsung is known for its quality, color schemes, and extreme customer care services.

Although the product is very pricy nonetheless, it is the best Samsung 75 inch 4k TV. When a user pays good money, he demands good quality too, which is ensured by Samsung.

When Samsung makes a product, the only thing you need to check is the price tag. You can blindly buy this product and never regret it. Samsung is an expensive brand, but it provides the right quality products to its admirers.

The design of this screen is elegantly designed with cutting-edge technology. It has a simple, unique, and elegant shape. With black color, this screen has a minimal border on its sides.

The standpoint of this product is very firm and stable. This screen is versatile. One can use it as a gaming TV as well as a living room TV too. Modern TVs have different modes based on their functionality.  

Applications like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are pre-installed by the manufacturer. With built-in Wi-Fi, connect it to your Wi-Fi connection, and you are good to go.

You can control this screen with an AL assistant called ALEXA, pre-installed on this screen. Users can place this on a TV table and hang it on the wall; it’s up to the user.

The package includes a remote control, wall mount accessories, HDMI cables, and a power cable. It is indeed one of the best 4K gaming TVs for an immersive gaming experience on the corner.


  • Manufacturer is well-reputed.
  • Elegant design.
  • Pre-installed apps.


  • Wall mount is cheap with some screens.
  • Expensive for new gamers.

2-Samsung Flat 75-Inch QLED 4K Q80 Series | The Best QLED TV for Gamers

The Best QLED TV for Gamers

The well-known SAMSUNG manufactures this product too. This brand assures quality and excellent customer care service.

Customer service is a significant factor as far as the reputation of any company is concerned. If we say that this product is the best 75 inch for gaming, it will not be wrong.

This company has a lot of experience in manufacturing such electronic devices. They never compromise on the quality of their product.

The screen is designed elegantly with cutting-edge technology. This product is capable of being used as a gaming TV as well as a living room TV. Modern TVs mostly provide this facility.

You don’t have to spend extra money on regular TV. Just buy this gaming TV and enjoy the many in one feature. This screen is pre-installed with streaming apps like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, etc.

It makes it even more demanding in the international market. The notable feature of ALEXA is also pre-installed in this gaming TV. 

This LCD comes with necessary supplies like a power cord; HDMI cables, remote control, and wall mount accessories, so that you don’t have to pay extra for these things.

The company also offers you a year warranty in case this device gets out of order. 


  • Best gaming experience with 4k resolution.
  • Comes with all needed supplies.


  • Flimsy input slots
  • Expensive for beginner gamers.

3-Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV | Best Sony QLED Gaming TV

Best Sony QLED Gaming TV

This product is manufactured by an even more known company SONY. Sony has been making these kinds of products for many scores.

The intent is to produce high-quality products at a cheaper rate. Sony is also known for gaming equipment with its world-renowned gaming console the PlayStation.

Devices that are made by Sony are one unique kind and good in terms of long-lasting as well as quality. Customers that are using Sony products are great admirers of it.

The following product is made with excellent material. It also has the option of wall mounting. The refresh rate of this screen is 120 Hz.

Offering the user the ultimate gaming experience, this performs even on low frequency.

The device is compatible with any gaming computer and any gaming console as well. Game graphics need to be secure enough so that the user can enjoy the most of them.


  • Affordable for everyone.
  • Versatile in functionality.


  • Stand is made with flimsy material.
  • Input slots are not much powerful.

4-TCL 75-Inch 4K Ultra | Most Versatile Gaming TV

Most Versatile 75 inch Gaming TV

This device is made by a well-reputed company TCL. This TCL75 inch TV review will provide beneficial information about this product. TCL has been in this field for many years, and they know their work. Though it’s not a 75 inch curved TV it is still absolute.

In this very product, they have used cutting-edge technology to make an elegant, slim, yet multi-functional TV.

This TV can be used as a gaming TV as well as a device to stream Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and much more with a Wi-Fi connection.

 ROKU operating system is used in this TV. Moreover, it has a built-in subwoofer that delivers clear audio among other gaming TVs. High-definition 4K resolution offers the best gaming experience to gamers.

You can use this screen as a gaming TV as well as a coffee time TV for your living room. It has both stand and wall mount choices.


  • Versatile.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and subwoofer.


  • Subwoofer is made with cheap material.
  • Stand of TV is also not reliable.

5-Cur RCA 75″ Ultra HD (2160P) | Best Big Screen Gaming TV for the Money

Best Big Screen Gaming TV for the Money

The manufacturer of this device is CUR. Although this company is not well known in the international market, the manufacturers are doing their best to make it the most sold TV in the global marketplace.

Engineers of CUR have been able to design a product that meets ANSI standards and is up to the mark of perfection.

However, the Initial design of this product was not so reliable. But now they have designed a cutting-edge design.

This machine takes power from standard power cords. It can be used as a gaming TV as well as a standard TV to watch more than 20,000 international channels.


  • Affordable price.
  • Wall mount option available.


  • Flimsy cables included.
  • Software problems are common.

6-Samsung 75 Inch 4K PRO TV | Best Wallet-Friendly Gaming TV

Best Wallet-Friendly Gaming TV 75 inch

Samsung makes products under description. Samsung has never failed to amaze its admirers by its made quality and other factors.

This TV is versatile and can be used as a gaming TV and a standard TV for the living room as well. As a gaming TV, its resolution depends on the gaming PC or console.

If the computer is not installed with a first VGA card, this product may prove worthless for you. If you are to watch movies and TV shows, then you will never regret buying this product.

This product has 4k resolution and supports 2160px video playback with its operating system. The product is definitely the most reliable 75-inch TV under the $1500 price tag.

The product comes with essentials like HDMI cables, a Power cable, wall mount trappings, and remote control.

To place this on the stand will never affect its performance but as a matter of fact, it will look chicer when mounted to a wall.


  • Certified manufacturer.
  • Comes with essential accessories.


  • Flimsy wall mount fittings.
  • No warrantee.

7-Sony TV 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV | Best All-Rounder LED for Gamers

Best All-Rounder LED for Gamers with 75 Inch Dimensions

Sony makes this product and makes it the best. Sony is quite famous in the international market for making up to the mark products. This product is a versatile device.

Gamers can use it to play the open world or FPS games as well, and other people can use it to watch movies and TV shows.

Pre-installed applications like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ make it even more fantastic. You have to connect this device to your wifi connection, and you are good to go.

This TV can support more than 15,000 multi-national channels. You get a subwoofer with this device to have a 3D audio experience while playing games and watching TV shows.


  • Uses cutting edge technology.
  • Multi-functional.


  • Frequency of this TV is not good.
  • Remote control is fragile.

8-SCEPTRE 75-Inch 4K LED | Best Ultra Thin TV to Game On

75 Inch LED for playing games

SCEPTRE makes this device, and it surely is better than LG 75 inch TV. This is a multi-functional device and can be used for both gaming and watching TV shows.

It does not support built-in Wi-Fi. Although it is a significant drawback nonetheless in this price tag, the manufacturer offers a good deal. It only has an HDMI connection.

It is a good 75 inch smart TV and has 4K Resolution (3840 x 2160).


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for movies and TV shows


  • Flimsy wall mount fitting used.
  • Does not support WiFi.


1-What TV brand is best for gaming 75 inch TV?

Many companies manufacture good gaming TVs, but in the international market, brands like TCL, VIZIO, and SAMSUNG are well-reputed for providing proper gear in a good deal.

These companies offer you a firm structure, long-lasting and versatile TV at the price that you can afford.

2- Is 75 inch TV too big for gaming?

It depends on the gamer. Every gamer has a different own viewpoint and taste for gaming r. For open-world games, big screens are not useful.

For first-person shooter games, these screens provide you with a realistic view. Choice of the size of the screen also depends on the quality of a gaming computer. 

3- Should I get a 75 inch TV?

If you can afford one, you should get one. These TVs offer an ultra HD realistic view of the gameplay. For the ultimate gaming experience, a 75 inch curved TV is even better.

Not everyone can afford this much pricy equipment.  So if you have the money to purchase such a TV, be quick.

4- What size room do you need for a 75 inch TV?

It is a major misconception that a big room is required to play games on 75 inch TV. The size of the room does not matter at all. What matters is, how much should be your distance from the TV.

It would help if you sat 6-9.4 feet away from the TV to prevent your eyes from irritation and better view experience.

5-Can you hang a 75 inch TV?

Yes, you can hang the big screen on the wall. If the weight and size are compatible with the wall mount, we can attach the TV to the wall. It should be hung at least 2 feet above the ground for a better experience.

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