Best Small LCD Screen for CCTV Cameras

Complete buying guide about small tv screens for CCTV

Everyone is becoming much more conscious these days of security, and it’s imperative to install CCTV cameras at home to keep an eye on everything in your absence. Here in this article, we will review the best small LCD screen for CCTV cameras. Working parents have to pay attention to children at home through CCTV cameras. We are not saying you don’t need further security measures, but it’s essential to do something for safety on your side. You can choose average or best quality products as per your need. Have a look

List of the Best Small LCD for CCTV Camera

Here are the top considerations from on our list:

1. BW 4.3 Inch Adjustable – Best Overall Portable LCD Screen for CCTV Cameras

BW 4.3 Inch TFT LCD Screen Adjustable Car monitor is one of the best options for a small flexible LCD Screen. It has a small flexible LCD screen and is lightweight enough to carry all over the place for CCTV and use for video games.

The monitor is stuck to automobiles firmly and stably. It has a simple setup without damaging any components of the vehicle. If you are looking for steady efficiency and glorious coloration impact while driving, this is one of the best options.

best small LCD for CCTV cameras in offices, schools, organizations, etc

Reasons to Buy

Prevents accidents: BW 4.3 Inch TFT LCD Screen Adjustable Car monitor prevents accidents or keeps you safe from unnecessary loss or trouble while driving.

Lightweight: This is small and lightweight, which you can carry everywhere for instant video play and ideal for gaming etc.

Design: BW 4.3 Inch TFT LCD Screen Adjustable Car monitor has delicate design, stable performance, and excellent color effect. The anti-glare blue mirror is for safe driving, and this would be the best option.

Stable: This monitor can easily stick on cars firmly and stably. It has easy installation without damaging any parts of the car.

Easy to adjust: BW 4.3 Inch TFT LCD Screen Adjustable Car monitor can easily be adjusted to the best view angle and consumes lower power.

Reason to Avoid

  • Required time to assemble and install

2. Podofo 9″ TFT – Most Reliable LCD Split Screen for CCTV Security Surveillance

Podofo 9″ TFT LCD Split Screen Quad Monitor CCTV Security Surveillance Car Video Display is best, especially when you have parked the vehicle in direct sunlight, resulting in a considerable rise in temperature needs. It allows the unit to cool off before operating.

It requires 4 video inputs and a rear watching facility where the image can be changed left and right, up and down. The display has a panoramic parking system where you can see 4 direction scenery outside the car.

small footprint LCD Screen for Secuity Surveillance cameras

Reasons to Buy

Four Video Camera Inputs: Podofo 9″ TFT LCD Split Screen Quad Monitor supports four video camera inputs V1/v2/v3/v4. Each channel will have a signal wire for backup or turning trigger.

Built-in quad Control Box: It has a 9-inch Built-in Quad control box split monitor used for multi-camera setup for home/office/factory/shop security system.

Viewing Modes: It has 6 selectable modes, including single full view/ split dual video view/ split tri video view/ quad four views. 9 inch TFT LCD large screen which has high resolution.

Driving assistance: Podofo 9″ TFT LCD Split Screen Quad Monitor provides reversing priority and support backup with an automatic switch. The headrest mount and dashboard bracket is for multiple use and easy installation.

Affordable Device: You will get the same what you pay for. This is an affordable gadget under $80.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Complaints of picture quality are terrible
  • Remote is required for doing all the basics

3. YaeCCC 12-inch – High-Quality LCD Security Monitor Screen for Surveillance Camera CCTV

YaeCCC 12 inch LCD Security Monitor 800×600 Resolution Screen is one of the best security monitor displays. Monitor offers an 800 x 600 resolution screen for surveillance camera CCTV. It is one of the decent screens at this price that quickly set it up to the next 15-inch laptop as a screen extension.

high-quality portable LCD Screen to connect with CCTV security cameras

Reasons to Buy

High Definition: YaeCCC 12 inch LCD Security Monitor hs 12 inches CCTV LCD monitor with VGA, AV, TV, HDMI inputs. High definition LCD monitor with 800*600 pixels makes an exquisite image.

Supports: YaeCCC 12 inch LCD Security Monitor support VGA input and connects with PC, VGA, AV, TV, HDMI inputs. It works perfectly in-vehicle rearview cameras, which supports car DVD, surveillance camera, STB, satellite receiver, and other video equipment.

Weight: Small monitor weight only 3.6lb and super slim design, which is convenient to carry in a handbag that is especially suitable for home and business purposes for a long time.

Reason to Avoid

  • Difficult to assemble, and instructions are unreadable over the manual

4. Low-Budget CCTV LCD Monitor 4:3 IPS Screen Display with VGA HDMI

CCTV LCD Monitor 4:3 IPS Screen Display with VGA for Auto home Surveillance is one of the super nice monitors for security systems. It contains an LED backlight source for a long time continuous working and the requirement for 24/7 operation for surveillance application. Response time is 12 ms with a compact design.

cheaper compact LCD screen for security room

Reasons to Buy

Slim Design with Car Adapter: CCTV LCD Monitor 4:3 IPS Screen Display with VGA for Auto home Surveillance comes with 8 inch LCD CCTV monitor with a compact design. Housing is made of ABS material with low temperature and impact resistance.

Multi-functional: This security CCTV monitor comes with 2 built-in speakers and audio IN/OUT ports. It has a built-in USB port and media player. It’s pretty much easier to play movies or videos simply by USB disk.

Compatibility: CCTV LCD Monitor 4:3 IPS Screen Display for Auto home Surveillance is compatible with HDMI, AV, BNC,3.5mm audio input/output, and VGA. It is perfect for connecting with CCTV monitor and DVR system.

Services: it offers excellent service unique. 30 days free money back or total replacement within 2 years.

Reason to Avoid

  • No earphone jack

5. Loncevon -10.1 inch Portable LCD Monitor to Install in CCTV Security Rooms

Loncevon -10.1 inch Portable LCD Monitor for CCTV Security Surveillance is a good purchase without middle cost. It has a super high definition IPS screen 1024×600 resolution. Customers can apply this monitor to personal computers.

This is one of the best CCTV monitor 10 inches. It can also work as a portable server screen with video game consoles. You will get the 1xTFT LCD Monitor, 1xAV Cable, 1xDC12VAC Adapter, 1xRemote Control, 1xBracket, 1xUser Manual, 1xSticker

Tiny LCD for Security systems

Reason to Buy

Compatible: Loncevon -10.1 inch Portable LCD Monitor for CCTV Security Surveillance is compatible with Sony Canon camera receiver HDMI output.

Suitable: Monitor works perfectly with car DVD/DVR/FPV/Surveillance camera/STB and other equipment.

Warranty: 30 days warranty is given, and no return will be accepted after that.

Reason to Avoid

  • Currently discontinued everywhere on all the big online shopping stores

Things to Consider When Buying Best Small LCD Screen for CCTV Camera

It doesn’t matter whether you use analog or network video surveillance systems where monitoring is necessary. Buying a security monitor display is not a difficult thing. You need to consider the following tips and knowledge. Here we are going to share the essential things to consider.

The LCD panel is essential

The quality of the LCD panel is important because it determines the brightness of video, clarity, and contrasts. There are so many aspects which will affect the quality. The quality of the LCD panel is classified as technology and high quality.

Manufacturers can produce LCD panels with no pixel defect and it would be considered a small flexible LCD screen. When we choose to monitor, these products should be considered technology and high quality.

Monitors Video aspect ratio

Monitor screen size has so many types where regular screen size including 17″, 19″, 20″, 32″, 42″ and large screen size. Most users think the aspect ratio is only related to users’ customs. There are many aspect ratio types 16:9, which is a widely used aspect ratio for mostly security cameras.

Imaging performance need to be considered

It’s essential to recommend users inspect the results before going for any decision. It’s the same as a monitor. Comparison is easy, but imaging performance needs to be considered.


The resolution selection is essential, and we still take the 16:9 monitor, and widescreen LCD physic resolution is 1368*768. We can use the signal generator for input resolution then inspect the displayed resolution TV lines. Whenever you buy a small LCD screen, it’s essential to check the resolution.

Brightness and Contrast

When we choose the security monitor, check out the brightness and contrast options. The LCD monitor has higher brightness, and the real performance is better.

Low brightness products and the displayed image will become darker. Regular monitor brightness should be approximately 250cd, and too dark will impact imaging performance.


  1. Is monitor necessary for CCTV camera?

Although a Computer monitor is used for CCTV camera and monitor is necessary to share the camera, and computer video feeds.

  • Which is best for CCTV monitor or TV?

We should select an HD monitor or TV with HDMI input for HD cameras. If viewing hours are long, then go for commercial monitors.

  • Which screen size is best for CCTV?

You need at least a 22″ for 8 inch CCTV surveillance system, and if your monitor is going to be placed on a flat surface, then 22″ is best, which doesn’t damage the eyes.

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