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There is a war raging between all brands when it comes to finding the best gaming TV for gaming on Playstation or Xbox. Especially, if you are going for a 32-inch TV that is meant for 4K gaming, there are hundreds of brands available in the market. So choosing the one that suits your budget and needs is a bit difficult task to do.

We outreached some gamers and consumers who already bought a 32-inch TV for the gaming console. In this guide, we will only include those that are highly recommended, affordable, and offer the best picture quality when it comes to gaming.

For gaming, you need a proper setup like a gaming computer, mouse, keyboard, headphones, and, last but not least, the best gaming TV.

One of the most necessary pieces of equipment is needed for gaming is undoubtedly a gaming TV. A good gaming TV is worth some research and, of course, money. In this 32 inch TV comparison, you will get all the needed information to decide your ideal gaming TV.

Top 8 Best 32-Inch 4K TV for Gaming Compared & Reviewed

A lot of companies are making good and up-to-the-mark gaming TV for good money. An ideal best 32 inch 4k TV for gaming has the traits of being cheap, indelicate, versatile functionality, and manufacturer.

Well, reputed companies are expensive, but they offer you the right quality products. Their products are from any major fault. However, if any problem is detected, their rapid customer care service manages to repair it in a day or so.

Yet if they are unable to solve the customer’s problem, they can replace your product with a new one. So when you are buying such a gaming TV, please focus on the price tag of it. The rest of the details are always reliable.

1-LG 4K UHD | Best Overall 32-Inch Gaming TV

cheap gaming 32-INCH LED TV

This product is manufactured by a well-reputed company called LG. This TV is undoubtedly the best budget gaming TV. At a pocket-friendly price, this product is affordable for anyone who has a slight concentration in gaming.

With the qualities of 4K UHD 2160p resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate, this gaming screen is ideal for middle-class gamers. This product has a standing size of 31.5 inches.

Engineers have tried their best to amaze the users of this product. The design of this product is exquisite and eye-catching. The product is very slim and sleek. It has the options of stand and wall mount.

Gamers usually do not mount their TV on the wall because it is not comfortable. This TV can be perfect for gaming and regular TV to watch movies and TV shows.

This TV supports more than 20,000 multi-national channels. This device comes with essential accessories like wall mount fittings, HDMI cables, power cable, and remote control.


  • Versatile device.
  • Buyer gets every necessary item to make it work.


  • Does not support any hardware attachments.
  • Input slots are flimsy.

2-Toshiba 32-inch Smart| Most Slim Gaming TV

Best priced 32 inch gaming tv

The manufacturer of this product is the world-famous TOSHIBA. TOSHIBA is in this field for eternities and is making quality products for its consumers. Being an international company, Toshiba is a bit pricy for some users.

The product provides you with a resolution of 720 pixels, which is not the best but is okay. For gamers, this resolution is not very good. For movies and shows, this is fine. This screen is not 4k and is not the best 32 inches 4k TV for gaming.

The product has the options of wall mount and table stand as well. But as far as gaming is concerned, PC gamers prefer their TV on their schedule, right in front of them. But the players, who play on Play stations or Xbox, prefer their screen to be wall-mounted.

This gaming TV comes with remote control, HDMI cable, power cable, and wall mount fixtures so that the buyer does not have to spend extra money on them. LG has always been able to amaze its users with its high-quality products and friendly customer care policies.

This beautifully designed gaming TV is painted with black color and has a slim and sleek design. The screen is also Wi-Fi enabled. You can stream online apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, etc.


  • Slim and sleek design.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.


  • Expensive for some users.
  • Low quality resolution of 720 pixels only.

3-SKYWORTH 720P LED A53 | Best 32-Inch Bezel-less Gaming TV

Affordable gaming tv with 32-inch screen and 4K resolution

Skyworth is the manufacturer of this product. Skyworth is a new company and is trying to grow in the international market. Shortly, Skyworth will be leading the digital marketplace in terms of quality products.

This TV is a cheap 32-inch TV for gaming. Being affordable is the first thing that a brand reckons during the product of their product. No doubt, being cheap never means low quality.

Even some famous brands make reasonable and affordable items in relatively good condition.

In this very product, Skyworth has used a 60 HZ refresh rate. The resolution of this screen is not more than 720 pixels, which is a significant drawback. Gamers need high-resolution gaming TV for the ultimate gaming experience.

Besides gaming, this screen can also be used to watch movies and TV shows. The product supports not more than 20,000 channels. Nevertheless, this drawback has been accomplished because this screen has available attachments of HDMI cable and USB.

Content from a cellphone or tablet can be streamed on this big screen via MIRASHARE, which indeed is a great accomplishment by Skyworth. This product is eye-catching too. Designers have tried their best to create a slim and sleek design.


  • Light weight.
  • USB compatible.


  • Does not support Wi-Fi.
  • Low resolution of 720 pixels, very low for gamers.

4-SAMSUNG Flat 4K Smart TV | The Best Performing Gaming 32-Inch QLED

Top Gaming QLED TV 32 inch

This product is designed by one of the leading electronic appliances manufacturers, Samsung. Samsung is one of the most known brands. Samsung is undoubtedly an expensive brand, but it produces the best product in the entire world.

This product, specifically, is the result of the untiring struggle of the engineers. They have made an affordable yet fully functional machine.

The screen has a 4K resolution and is perfect for most gamers. You can use this screen for gaming as well as for watching movies and TV shows.

It supports more than 30,000 channels because of its highly functional operating system.

The product is Wi-Fi enabled and has the option of a USB attachment as well. You can stream Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime on this device as well.

In addition to this, the device also has a voice control feature with the compatibility of ALEXA.

The package includes a remote control, HDMI cable, and wall mount fixtures so that the buyer dos do not have to spend more money to make the device functional.


  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • Good customer care service.


  • May be pricy for some.
  • It is only compatible for high quality gaming computers.

5-TCL 1080p ROKU Smart LED TV | Wallet-Friendly 32-Inch TV for Gamers

Best rated 32-inch gaming tv for the money

This product is manufactured by TCL, one of the leading companies in making such devices. TCL, like other companies, produces quality products. These products are, though not cheap 4k TV for gaming. Nonetheless, these products are reliable.

This product has a slim and sleek design, which is lightly weighted too. This product has the empowerment of Wi-Fi also. It has the most precise resolution of 1080 pixels, which is enough for gamers.

Tough for watching movies and shows, this resolution is very high, but for gaming, this resolution is just enough not the best.

The product has the options of both stand and wall mounting. However, this gaming TV will be more graceful on a stand.

The product has a refresh rate of 120 HZ; this product also supports wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The package comprises a remote control, a pair of HDMI cables, and wall mount fixtures.


  • High resolution.
  • 120 HZ refresh rate.


  • Expensive for some people.
  • Flimsy wall mount fittings.

6-Samsung UJ59 4k monitor UHD |32-Inch Gaming TV with 60Hz Refresh Rate

32'' gaming TVs from Samsung at affordable price

Samsung, well-known manufacturer manufacture this product. They have been in this field for years and have achieved a good reputation in the international marketplace.

This TV has a 4K UHD 2160p resolution and is ideal for gamers and for watching TV shows and movies. Players also need a high screen refresh rate, which is absent in this product. It offers only a 60 HZ refresh rate.

Another major drawback is the absence of wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It only supports one hardware connection, which is an HDMI cable. USB option is also not available on this device.

This thing makes this screen fit for only gaming. Though this device offers around 20,000 multi-national channels, nonetheless, the absence of Netflix and alike applications is a significant shortcoming.


  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • Very affordable.


  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Unavailability of hardware attachments except for HDMI.

7-Philips Curved Monitor, 4K UHD | Best Budget Curved Gaming TV

best budget gaming TVs

Philips is undoubtedly is one of the best companies to manufacture such electronic appliances.  Nevertheless, Philips is not the best in manufacturing gaming TVs.

In this product, the company has tried its best to amaze its customers by providing ample facilities.

This TV provides a 4K UHD 2160p resolution, which is an achievement for a new brand. Gamers are going crazy over it. This TV is also ideal for watching movies and TV shows.


  • Four year replacement warrantee.
  • Affordable for everyone.


  • No hardware attachment is possible except HDMI.

8-Premium 32 Inch Led TV | Best Budget Gaming TV

Gaming TVs under $300

This product is manufactured by a new brand called Pyle.  This brand has not been In the market for a long time an eternity, and the fact is that Pyle has been able to attract gamers towards it.

At an affordable price, this screen offers the user a bundle of qualities like 1080p resolution, VGA cable, HDMI cable and, components.  The built-in subwoofer has increased its demand in the international marketplace even more.

This screen is ideal for gamers because of the 120 refresh rate that it provides. The product is also a great option to watch films and TV shows. Indeed this TV is a complete package.

The package comprises a highly functional remote control, HDMI cable, VGA cable, and wall mount fittings as well. You have to buy this product to get it working.


  • The company is new in the market, hence it is affordable.
  • It has a built-in subwoofer.


  • For the fact that is a new brand, it has a miserable customer care service.
  • Flimsy material used.


1-Is 32 inch TV too small for gaming?

No, this size is even ideal for some gamers. The size of the screen is the choice of the gamer. Some prefer big-sized gaming TVs while some opt for 32 inches smart TV for gaming. The quality of graphics and experience of gameplay is independent of the screen size.

2-Does TV size affects gaming?

No, it does not. But if you switch from a large screen to a small size or vice versa, it will surely. If you are playing on a 32 inch TV, there is a whole possibility that when you switch to a large screen, your gaming experience will change. Otherwise, it does not.

3-Which brand is best for 32 inches LED TV?

Samsung, Sony, TCL, and sharp are some of the best brands known for their excellence in making the best 32 inches smart 4k TV for gaming. Some other companies produce up to the mark products but are not known in the international market.

4-Why do gamers use small TVs?

Most gamers prefer small-sized gaming TVs because they are comfortable to watch. While playing on a big screen, you have to look at diverse sides of the TV. So you move your neck for a better experience. In small-sized TVs, you can do the same without moving your neck.

5-Does TV size affects FPS?

No, size has nothing to do with the FPS. FPS is frames per second. It depends on the quality of the screen. Low-quality screens offer 30-60HZ, which is directly proportional to the FPS rate. Small-sized screens are also available in good condition.

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