What Is The Best Way To Clean A Flat-Screen TV?

how to clean tv easily

If you are annoyed with marks on your TV screen and want to get rid of them by applying some easy home tips then here you are on the right platform.

You don’t have to apply some extra effort rather simple DIY methods will be helpful and you will get a TV screen just like a brand new one.

Now the question is how to clean the TV screen? What are super easy methods to get rid of marks on the monitor? Then the answer is here.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Flat-Screen TV?

Let’s have a glance at some DIY methods so clean your screens quickly with the solution already present at home.

Cleaning Of Oily Marks On The TV Screen

To clean the oily marks on the flat TV screen apply the following method given below

Step 1: Switch Off The TV Screen

The first step is to turn off your TV screen or monitor so that you can easily spot the marks.

Step 2: Remove The Dust

Now you can remove the dust by using the soft cloth or muslin cloth. Gently wipe on the whole screen. Do not press too hard as it may damage the screen pixels.

Step 3: Liquid Solution For Wiping Out The Marks

The next step is to apply the solution to completely remove the marks. Take an equal part if water and vinegar. you can also add a drop of dish soap.

using Spray for cleaning flat screen TV
Liquid solution for cleaning TVs

Dampen the cloth in the solution. Make sure it must be slightly damped but not too wet as it can damage eth screen. Gently wipe out the screen and it will remove the stain. Again avoid applying hard pressure.

Things To Remember!

If you are thinking that How to clean flat TV without streaks then it is good to keep the following tips in the mind

  • Try to avoid paper towels, an old shirt, or toilet paper. It is because these cause damage or scratches to the screen.
  • Moreover, avoid using the chemical like ammonia, ethyl chloride, acetone, or ethyl alcohol. These also cause the scratches plus also cause the yellowing of the screen.
  • One important thing to focus on is that never spray a liquid directly on the screen as it permeates inside the screen that causes the damage to the pixel. Moreover, you have to lose your entire screen.

Cleaning the Samsung LED TV

If you have a question that how do I clean my Samsung flat TV screen then the answer is the same. You have to follow the steps like

  • Use the microfiber cloth to remove the dust.
  • Now take a water and vinegar solution and spray on screen. Make sure don’t wet it rather it keep it damp. Now again wipe with a cloth
  • Done!

It will remove all types of stains including fingerprints to give an entirely new screen.

You can use the special type of solutions available in the market. These are easy to use. You just have sprinkled the spray-on the screen to get a clear view again.

Can We Use A Vacuum For Removing Dust?

The vacuum cleaner is not meant to clean the TV screen. You can only use the small brush for cleaning the holes and the backside of the TV screen.

But to use it for the front panel can be dangerous and it may damage the pixels of the monitor and you have to lose your TV.

More Things To Remember

If you feel it is difficult to clean the corners then dip the Q tip in the water solution and then wipe with the help. It is effective and cleans the entire screen.

  • You must use detergent only. Avoid alcohol and its substitutes/
  • Avoid using hard cloth as it not only causes the streaks but also adds scratches over the screen that may be difficult to remove.
  • The use of windows and glass cleaners is strictly prohibited as it is quite damaging for the screens.
  • If you have to use paper tower wipe it gently and then use a soft cloth to remove the particles from the screen.

How to keep the TV screen clean?

Once you clean the screen, it is obvious that it does not get the marks again, for this purpose try to wipe out the dust on a daily basis. Avoid placing the hand son screen directly.

 If you have to remove the dust make sure your hands are dry and clean,because if your hands are oily, or wet with sweat then it will cause marks again.

Therefore, keep your hand clean and dry before removing the dust from the screen.


Cleaning the TV screen is not a difficult task. It just needs your five minutes and simple home ingredients to give it a new look.

 So get rid of these marks now, get ready for a DIY TV screen cleaning and give your TV a brand new appeal. Now you have an answer for How to clean the LED screen. Get ready and see the results.

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