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Having a 65-inch TV in your life is a sweet spot these days. A few years back, big-screen TVs were way out of the budget reach of many consumers. Now, you’ll find great deals on 55 to 65-inch TVs on eCommerce stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. We’ve tested over 20 TVs and created the list of best 65-inch TVs under $1500 in this guide.

The TV that you buy for your room should suit your living room space and be budget-friendly. To give your home a cinema look it is good to find the right brand that offers a superior picture and sound quality.

The latest models of widescreen TVs are available in an affordable price range with improved contrast as well as color features.

If you want to showcase your space with this enlarged TV screen and want to buy the best TV to watch movies with your family during free time then have a glance at the top nine picks of the year.

List of the Best Budget 65-inch TV for the Money

Below are some of our top picks when it comes to top-rated 65-Inch TVs.

1. Samsung Flat 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series | Best Overall

Best overall 65 inch tv in the market

Samsung is well known for its TV products. This model is the best 65 inch 4k TV for the money that features a sleek and slim design with modern polish.

It is an incredible device that comes with powerful 4K UHD features that enhance your TV performance. If we talk about its picture quality you will find the spectrum of colors and vibrant hues with clear details.

Another feature that makes this product reliable and the choice of most users is the one control system for all compatible devices. Plus it features Alexa or Google assistant control.

So you can operate a TV with voice control. It is a complete TV system that fulfills all your TV watching needs. The design, interface, screen quality, and+ all features in between are excellent and fit in your space perfectly.


  • One remote control system
  • 4K and UHD technology
  • Smart design to fit ideally in slim space


  • Audio level is somewhat low need soundbar for watching movies or listening high volume audio tracks.

2.      LG Alexa Built-In UHD Series | Best Value 65-Inch TV Under $1500

Smart TV to use in bright room

If you are looking for a cheap smart TV with all the features that the 4K TV must-have, then buy the LG 65 UN that makes a perfect choice. The model features a quad-core processor that displays the colors and paints so nicely that you keep involved in the screen for hours.

Another excellent feature that makes it a wonderful option for TV lovers is the presence of the webOS and magic remote system. You can stream movies and explore your favorite apps by speaking or just moving the remote control.

Smart home technology makes it an incredible TV set. It is equipped with an Apple home kit that is ideal to operate all smart devices in your home. You can customize, configure ad control your home unit.

Active HDR is another exclusive feature that makes the 65-inch large screen look more brilliant. You will find different features like HDR10, screen-by-screen picture adjustment, sharp colors, and contrast.


  • Apple smart home technology
  • Sharp TV colors
  • HDR technology.


  • View For Black Screen Is Not Good

3.      Sony X900H 65 Inch TV Under $1500 with HDR and Alexa Compatibility

65 Inch TV Under $1500

When we look for a quality brand then immediately Sony comes to our mind. This model is the best 65-inch TV smart TV for the money that features premium 4k picture quality and full-array LED local dimming, brighter highlights, and realistic contrast features, it is enhanced through the dynamic range that improves the picture quality.

Another best thing about the TV set is that it features the Game mode. So, PlayStation lovers can switch the mode and enjoy the picture quality that your game needs. You will have a responsive game experience. Pair it with a gaming headset and double up your game fun.

The smart TV features Android compatibility. Connect your phone and enjoy unlimited movies on built-in apps like YouTube and NetFlix. Moreover, the voice control technology allows hand-free control. Just say a command to run the TV show of your choice.

Use Alexa for volume control, scrolling channels up and down, and to search movies. The versatile interface allows you to connect multiple devices.

It includes HDMI 2.1, which is compatible with the ALLM, VRR, and 4K at 120 fps that reduce the input lag, ultra-smooth motion, and increased frame rate.


  • Smart TV Features
  • 4K picture quality
  • Alexa feature


  • A squeaking noise occurs when controlling through remote control.

4.      Sony X800H 65 Inch TV under $1000

best overall 65 inches tv under 1000

Another best Samsung 65 inch TV for the money by Sony company is X800H. it is a superb model with excellent picture and sound quality. The TV with 4k properties is best to watch high-definition movies and to play games.

Trilumnious color display is another valuable feature that displays the movies with clear crisp sound and pictures. Moreover, the game mode feature helps you to play the PlayStation games with responsive screen quality.

Alexa and apple airplay mode are other exciting features of this TV model. You can use voice control to play music, turn up the volume, and much more.

HDR and Dolby vision is another excellent feature that helps Smart TV to stay in the market and choice of users. You get striking highlights, vibrant colors, deeper darks, and high-quality gradients while watching movies and TV shows.

The best thing is that it provides clear images even with fast scenes.


  • Voice control feature
  • 4k quality screen
  • Game mode


  • Bluetooth does not work well

5.      TCL 65″ Class 5-Series 4K | Best Smart TV for Double Bedroom

Best 65'' smart tv under 1000 pounds for money

TCL is the new brand in the market but has made it worth launching high-quality products on the budget. The smart TV with 65 inches screen is an awesome choice to place in your living area.

The Flatscreen TV offers all features that you expect from the Smart television set. It comes with different features like Android apps, connectivity via Roku TV, more than 5000 movies, and much more.

For easy control of TV, it comes with the Alexa control so you say the command to fulfill the movie watching needs.

Moreover, it also offers the game playing mode so you connect your console, and the responsive screen will automatically adjust the colors and allow you to have a wonderful gaming experience.

If we see the quality it is awesome too. The screen feature sth high definition contrast, colors, and detail of the Dolby vision. Moreover, it provides the edge to edge glass display that provides a clear view.

The TCL TV screen comes with an interface with multiple ports that include US, HDMI, RF composite, optical audio out, and headphone jack. So it means you have a complete source to entertain yourself during your free time.


  • Game mode
  • Voice control
  • 4k picture quality
  • Interface with multiple ports.


  • It sometimes gets hanged

6.      Sony X950H | Best 65-Inch TV Under $2000

Best 65-Inch TV  Under $2000 in UK and US

Another incredible best Samsung 65 inch TV for the money from the house Sony makes the wonderful option. It is an awesome product that features superior grade picture quality with 4K technology, deep contrast, sharp colors, and differentiating colors.

Moreover, the Trilmunious color display makes it a perfect choice for watching HD movies. Thanks to the X tended dynamic range that allows you to watch the movies with a clear crisp view.

Another best thing about this TV is that it provides the Game mode so you can easily play games with the picture quality that is required for playing game.

It offers the Smart Android TV technology that you can control with a remote as well as the Alexa voice control feature. Moreover, there is present built-in Airplay app to control the home devices.


  • Voice control system
  • 4k picture quality
  • Triluminous color display
  • Built-in the Airplay app


  • Extra buttons on the remote present that are non-functional

7.      Samsung Flat QLED| Best 65-Inch 8K TV For the Money

Best 65-Inch 8K TV For the Money

A 65-inch TV from the Samsung company also makes a perfect match with your living room. The sleek and trendy set definitely enhances the appeal of the room.

The well-constructed built quality makes a perfect match with any theme of the room.

If we talk about its picture quality you will be satisfied as the 8K resolution provide the clear crisp detail of the video. Plus 8K A1 technology is another wonderful option.

Although the model is a bit pricy you will be happy about spending some extra money on this valuable TV set.

Another exclusive feature that makes this latest model distinguishing from others is the elite backlight that provides the pure whites and ultra-deep blacks that reveal the hidden details even in the dark scenes.

The picture quality, sound delivery, resolution, and everything in between all are awesome and make it a perfect piece for your TV lounge.


  • Elite LED backlight
  • 8k resolution
  • Superior grade picture quality


  • Expensive

8.      Sony A8H | A High-End 65-Inch TV

Top rated 65 Inch TV worth buying

Sony A8H is a wonderful option for those who are planning to have a mini cinema at home. The Smart TV that comes with OLED technology offers pure blacks, natural colors, and peak brightness.

The TV offers Smart technology so you can download movies and game apps to have unlimited enjoyment during your free time. Plus, ATMOS and DTX are another plus point that enhances the audio quality. It means you have an excellent cinema-like experience with superior sound and video features.

The built-in multiple speakers help you to provide you sound from all directions. Thanks to vertical signal processing that creates a virtual sound that helps you to feel it coming from all directions.


  • 4k technology
  • Smart TV features
  • The virtual speaker that surround sound all around uniformly


  • Expensive

9.      Hisense 65-Inch Ultra HD |Best TV to Watching Sports

Best TV to Watching Sports on HD Resolution

Hisense is another well-known brand in the electronic industry. It offers products that are reliable and worth buying. This 65 inches best model from Hisense offers the 4K ultra HD picture quality.

It has a resolution of about 1080p. it creates a sharper and colorful picture because of the presence of the LED backlight.

The TV with the Dolby vision HDR helps you experience the best picture quality and help you to feel like sitting in the cinema.

Moreover, Android TV support hundreds of application, so you can use any one of them get register and watch unlimited movies of different genres,

Another incredible feature is Bluetooth connectivity mode. You can connect your wireless headsets and speakers with this technology and have a seamless music listening experience.


  • 4k video quality
  • LED backlight support
  • HDR technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Take time connecting Bluetooth

Final Verdict

These are the few models that are top-ranked and people prefer to buy them because of superior picture quality. You can pick the one that lies in your budget and that meets your picture quality demand. Also, if you are a fan of bigger screen TVs, then check out our best 75-inch TV guide.

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Is it worth buying a 65 inch TV?

If you have a big size room where you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows with an optimum distance the buying the 65-inch TV is valuable. In this way, you will enjoy the cinema at home.

What size room do I need for a 65 inch TV?

The room with a viewing distance of 8.1-13.5 feet is considered ideal to place the 65 inch TV.

How much does it cost to fix a 65 inch TV screen?

If you buy the 65 inch TV from a reputed outlet then you will get the free home service with fixation. Otherwise, you have to pay a little amount that is much less as compared to the cost of your TV.

What should I look for when buying a 65-inch flat-screen TV?

To buy the 65 inches flat-screen TV first you should check the picture and sound quality. Moreover, the installation feature, must be wall-mounted or come withstand.

Plus, the Good flat-screen TV features the Smart function so you can watch movies through the internet when your cable services are off.


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