Best Under Cabinet Small TVs for Kitchen

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Cabinet TV would be a great addition to your kitchen because it would help you in cooking or baking to follow favorite chefs’ recipes for learning purposes. Many people have traditional television in their kitchen or use smartphones or tablets.

The majority of displays give the best of both mobile devices and traditional TVs, but in the technology era, you can have numerous options for small kitchen TV under a cabinet.

Here in this blog, we will share the best small TV for the kitchen under cabinets. Have a look

List of Best Small Kitchen TV Under Cabinet

Here is the list that we’ve curated for you:

1- SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV & Monitor 13.3″ – The Overall Best Kitchen Cabinet TV

SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV is one of the best-LED screens, and it is available in six sizes from 13.3 inches, 15 inches, 19 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches to 32 inches. LED widescreen is of picture quality of 720p, making sure to have the best viewing experience.

It’s pretty feasible to change the viewing experience mode in standard, dynamic, and others available for everyone by supersonic. This is considered one of the best small flat screen kitchen TV you were looking for in your kitchen.

best tv to place under cabinet

Reasons To Buy

Built-In DVD: SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV comes with a DVD player built into a television set. It will allow you to play DVDs without any equipment. All types of DVD formats are compatible.

HDMI/AC Ports: TV contains HDMI, USB, and AC ports to allow you to use firestick freely with other hardware to browse thousands of channels and apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more input compatible terminals.

Compatibility: SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV is compatible with all video games consoles, and DVD player systems make this system versatile.

Reasons To Not Buy

SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV is one of the best widescreen HDTVs. It comes with a full HD screen which delivers high-definition video. It has a built-in DVD player that offers a convenient operation screen with an ordinary build that may not last for long. Poor build design makes this screen non-attractive for customers.

2- Supersonic SC-1311 13.3-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen – A Reliable Small TV for Kitchen

Supersonic SC-1311 HDTV is one of the best screens which fit every individual needs to satisfy customer needs. It has perfect picture quality with 1080p picture quality for detail vibrant colors. These TVs contain HDMI, USB, and AC/DC built-in ports.

These ports make the HDTV system versatile. It’s challenging to get the best choice for a TV, but this small kitchen tv with wifi has enough features to keep us entertained and won’t be expensive in our pocket.

Good quality kitchen Tv

Reasons To Buy

Picture Quality: Supersonic SC-1311 HDTV has 1080p picture quality for a stunning display. Color from the monitor contains vibrant and eye-catching colors. TV has digital noise reduction and picture modes.

HDMI/USB Compatible: TV contains HDMI, USB, and AC ports. These features allow using similar hardware types to browse thousands of channels and apps, including Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and others.

Compatibility: Supersonic SC-1311 HDTV is compatible with Amazon Firestick and other video consoles.

Reasons To Not Buy

Although Supersonic SC-1311 HDTV has so many impressive features, this TV is not going to impress anyone when it comes to sounding specs. The viewing angle is limited. It is VESA compatible, and easily mountable on the wall.

3- Milanix 14.1″ Portable Widescreen LED TV – Compact Option to Install in a Kitchen Cabinet

Milanix 14.1″ Portable Widescreen LED TV comes in a portable design for ease of use wherever you want. It includes a digital tuner that allows the TV to receive ATSC digital signals and DTV & ATV signals.

Compact design saves the space around, but if you are looking for the smallest kitchen TV, you may consider other brands. Some of the key features help to see efficiently, and these USB/SD inputs are available for external audio/video playback.

smaller dimension tv for tight spaces

Reasons To Buy

Design: Milanix 14.1″ Portable Widescreen LED TV is a 14.1″ widescreen LED HDTV portable television built-in digital tuner.

Supporting Formats:  LED TV supports FM, AVI, MOV, 3GP, audio interface, audio-R, audio-L interface, USB, etc.

Compatible: USB/SD input for external audio/video playback with dual AV inputs with DVD player or game system all in one TV.

Built-in Battery: Milanix 14.1″ Portable Widescreen LED TV has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, which is great for kitchen, road trips, vacations, outdoor and indoor.

Reasons To Avoid

Milanix 14.1″ Portable Widescreen LED TV has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, making it feasible for use. This portable widescreen has low product life, which may reduce its reliability.

Eyoyo 12″ Inch TFT LCD Monitor – A Cheaper Small Screen TV

Eyoyo 12″ Inch TFT LCD Monitor comes in different sizes, types, and prices. This model is portable with an 11.6-inch monitor with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio of brightness level, which interconnects with other devices such as PCs, TV, and cameras.

A budget friendly tv for small AVs and kitchens

Reasons To Buy

Viewing Angle: Eyoyo 12″ Inch TFT LCD Monitor with AV HDMI has up to 160 degrees V and 140-degree display clear.

HDMI Port: This LCD monitor has an HDMI port that allows for connectivity to the camera, TV, DVD, and PCs that support HDMI connectivity.

Power Supply: You will have two types of power supply which have 13.3 inches portable HDMI display with a power adapter or USB 5V 2A 2A cable.

Screen Display: 13.3 Inch portable screen weighs 1.4 lbs. and is 13mm thick, making it easier for portable gamin screen to have a removable and adjustable stand for easy use.

Reason To Avoid

Eyoyo 12″ Inch TFT LCD Monitor with AV HDMI is a small television for the kitchen, but its monitor doesn’t meet the installation requirements. It comes with several options for input/output, which are adjustable, but the picture quality is blurred. Although it has some good options with a decent screen not worth the price.


What is a good size TV for the kitchen counter?

Kitchen TVs are best in all sizes, but you can need this. We recommend the 20-32 inches for mostly kitchen sizes are recommended.

Is it tacky to have a TV in the kitchen?

The majority of people consider TV in the kitchen to not clutter up the space and disrupt the clean appearance of the kitchen. Modern televisions are sleek and technological works.

Where is the best place to put a TV in the kitchen?

Tuck this into a corner because there are so many mixers, toasters, and small TVs on the countertop. The traditional kitchen has a TV placed in the cabinet, which looks impressive.

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