Best TV for Screened Porch in 2022

guide to screened porch tvs

Outdoor TVs are getting popular, and everyone is now having these in their porch areas for a wonderful ambiance. Despite this, most manufacturers are not paying attention to these design elements. It would allow you to entertain your guests or spend more time outdoors.

Make sure you people choose outdoor TVs with specific features that make them functional and durable in outdoor living spaces. Here in this blog, we will share the best TV for screened porch. Have a look

1- D-Series 24” HD LED Voice Smart TV SmartCast D24h-J09 – Overall Best

D series HD Smart TV is loaded with full-array backlight and better contrast with brilliant 720p. It is the best outdoor tv for screened porch. It has an ultra-fast IQ processor with support for audio with Dolby Atmos. You can enjoy the best built-in apps from streaming services combined with user experience and interface. Live TV and hundreds of free channels can be enjoyed with Chromecast.

Best TV for Screened Porch

Reasons To Buy

Array LED Backlight:  D series HD Smart TV delivers exception light uniformity and color consistency with responsive picture for high definition image.

V-gaming Engine makes the console gameplay more responsive with auto game mode and D-series lowest input lag.

Connectivity: D series HD Smart TV has high speed 2 HDMI connectivity which offers better video performance from all entertainment devices, and Dolby Atmos for the best audio experience.

Quick Start Mode enables quick start mode to turn the TV on faster and automatically with simple voice commands. It will change energy consumption to operate the TV.

Compatible: This D series HD Smart TV is compatible with Apple airplay such as web pages and presentations. Also, it controls the TV using the Apple Home app.

Reasons To Not Buy

D series HD Smart TV has local dimming, and at this price, you would have other options for excellent value.

2- VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV – Best Value TV for Screened Porch

VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TVdelivers dazzling performance at this price. Low priced Vizio D series doesn’t support 4K and need much attention. It comes in different 8 sizes, starting at 40 inches and going to 75 inches. This 65-inch smart TV has the same full array of backlighting and port selections and features.

vizio tv for screened porch

Reasons To Buy

Design: VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV has pair of V-shaped legs set to support the tabletop, and you can prefer it to over a wall mount.

Ports: VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV has three HDMI 2.1 ports, and one supports eARC and uses an eARC port with a compatible soundbar.

Chromecast built-in: This TV has Chromecast with apps to your smartphone and then cast a button to stream on TV. Through this feature, you can discover the range of free or subscription thousands of apps.

Quick Start Mode: VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV has automatically enabled quick start mode to turn the TV on with a cast button. Enabling quick start mode, the energy consumption to operate the TV.

120Hz Refresh Rate: It enhances motion clarity with a blazing fast 120H effective refresh rate with backlight scanning.

HDMI Ports: VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV supports the latest HDMI standards, D-series allows to connect Blu-Ray players and game consoles.

Performance Data: VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TVto to receive standard warm-up time for both SDR and HDR test. Results vary depending on which picture mode is enabled.

Connectivity: it has 3 HDMI 2.1 ports which support 4K and 1 USB 2.0 port, RF connection, digital audio output, and composite input.

Reasons To Not Buy

If you expect TV to deliver dazzling HDR performance, it’s a low-cost V-series without eye-popping HDR performance. VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV has great color quality and excellent black levels, supporting ALLM and eARC. It doesn’t get a bright and disappointed smart platform.

3- TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV – Best TCL TV for Outdoor

TCL 32S327 is most suited for the average lit room to handle reflection very well. It has a good contrast ratio which lacks the local dimming feature to deliver great dark room performance.

While it doesn’t get very bright, it is still suitable for dim and average light rooms. This is not well-suited for high-end gaming, but it can deliver decent performance for watching sports and other programs.

Budget outdoor tv

Reasons To Buy

Design: TCL 32S327 has a decent design where stands are made up of plastic as wide TV for support. It is divided into two parts: the lower part is made of plastic, and the upper part is thinner and made up of metal. It is ideal outdoor TV for the backyard.

Picture levels: It has a great contrast ratio, and in the darkroom, blacks look good but unfortunately grey uniformity is average. This TV also doesn’t have local dimming to improve appearance.

Response Time: TCL 32S327 has a fast response time but doesn’t have a black insertion option to make the motion crisper.

Sound Quality: TCL 32S327 may require an external sound system with television models. If you are looking for higher-end performance, a 2.1 channel home theater soundbar is required for effective quality.

Remote: It has a basic remote with different quick launch buttons. It’s an infrared remote which requires a direct line of sight.

Reasons To Not Buy

TCL 32S327 has excellent image accuracy with low input lag. It has no HDR, and struggles to get bright enough. It also doesn’t support 4K. It’s an average TV for mixed usage, but the movie watching experience would be disappointing due to the poor dark room performance.

4- SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P

The Samsung 40 inch Smart LED TV is loaded with display and features to view detailed 1080p content. It has a motion rate of 60 technology to deal with fast-moving images.

The model has wifi and Ethernet connectivity for accessing the web and content for Samsung smart Tv interface and wireless mirroring of content from portable devices. Smart TV has two HDMI inputs and one USB port.

bigger screen tv for screened porch

Reasons To Buy

HD resolution: Samsung 40 inch Smart LED TV has full HD 1080p resolution offering the best picture quality. You will be able to watch your favorite shows, movies, and games.

Built-in wifi: Smart TV has integrated wifi to surf the internet from anywhere you want. Upgraded browsers let you surf wherever you want.

Audio Performance: Samsung 40 inch Smart LED TV has built-in 5.1 sound support and DTS premium sound. It will give a resonant bass response with dialogue clarity.

Eco Sensor: it has an eco sensor to ensure the screen operates efficiently with much brightness to reduce energy consumption.

Reasons To Avoid

Samsung 40 inch Smart LED TV has a good uniformity screen but poor HDR performance and the input lag is higher than other TVs. This Smart TV has poor dark scene performance. There are other alternatives at this price with smart features.

5- RCA 32-inch Flat Screen 720p Roku Smart LED TV – Clean Bezels & Low Budget

RCA 32-inch Flat Screen 720p Roku Smart LED TV delivers user-friendly with favorite content. This smart TV has 720p 60Hz LED HDTV with three HDMI inputs.

It features a sleek modern design and allows you to search with a 16:9 aspect ratio for viewing movies in high definition. It has a newly designed remote with 17 buttons that are no longer needed to flip through inputs or complicated menus.

wallet-friendly porch tv

Reasons To Buy

HDMI input: RCA 32-inch Flat Screen 720p Roku Smart LED TV has HDMI ports that allow you to connect HDMI for enabling devices such as tablets or gaming consoles.

Easy to use remote: Simple Roku TV has 20 buttons to make navigation easier. Around half of the buttons are similar to a traditional TV remote to find the button you need.

Modern Design: RCA 32-inch Flat Screen 720p Roku Smart LED TV has a stylish, sleek design to make your living space a statement.


Can you put a TV on a screened-in porch?

Yes, a TV can be placed on the screened porch. Always find the driest place on the porch to mount the TV, and inside the house, mounting T is the great option.

Can you use an indoor TV on a covered patio?

An indoor TV should not be placed outside because so much content is only rendered for standard indoor viewing. However, there are now multiple options for an outdoor tv for the backyard from different manufacturers.

Do you need an outdoor tv for screened porch?

Outdoor TV should be placed in a screened porch and shouldn’t be placed in front of the screen. Just find a wall within the porch and place it there.

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