Best TV for Dark Scenes in 2022

ultimate guide to dark scene OLED / LED TVs

TVs are now evolved into flat screens and become smart. It is equipped with amazing features and LCD televisions are now replaced with OLED TV. These TVs are better than LCD TVs. Most users are now switching to OLED TVs that perform better in dark scenes. Unlike, traditional LED TVs, the OLED TVs do not use backlighting, so the black scenes look way better than they do on LCD/LED TVs.

Have a look at the best type of TV for dark screen If you people are looking for the best TV for dark scenes, then here in this blog, we will share what kind of TV is best for dark scenes?

List of Best TVs for Dark Scenes

Here are the most compatible options to go with:

1- SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series – The Overall Best TV for Dark/Night Scenes

The Samsung 65-Inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series has a stunning 65-inch dynamic crystal color display. Powerful crystal processor 4k upscale everything you watch with 4k resolution. The picture quality is sharp and crisp.

Samsung TV for Dark Scenes

The AU8000 series TV features an ultra-profile that allows blending into the living room. It will be much interesting to see the latest model of Samsung, which has emerged to improve the previous models of Samsung.

Reasons To Buy

Crystal Processor 4K: it has a powerful process specially tuned for crystal displays that convert to 4k display and it is one of the best 4K TVs for darkroom conditions.

Design: Samsung 65-Inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series has a new Air Slim design that makes TV thinners look perfect. It looks not premium but certainly nice for a new slim design with a redesigned remote.

Multiple Voice Assistants: it can schedule recordings and search auto-adjust game settings that connect with hosts compatible with devices across the home. It can control your TV with voice and easy to use remote.

HDR: Samsung 65-Inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series offers the best HDR quality of vivid color and detail found in new films with streaming service content with HDR.

Motion Accelerator has minimized blur and enhanced motion with clarity and catches all fast-moving action. It has newer gaming capabilities which could be enjoyed.

Viewing Angles: The Samsung 65-Inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series has a VA panel with two variations of the same technology, including ultra-viewing and wide viewing angle.

Color Coverage: The crystal series uses Quantum Dot technology, which uses color coverage to be lower than what higher-tier QLEDs and Neo QLEDs have.

Reasons To Avoid

Samsung 65-Inch Class Crystal AU8000 Series has good quality upscaling capabilities with slim design and is good for gaming, but it is not very bright in SDR or HDR. It has mediocre viewing angles and motion performance. The latest Samsung model misses new smart features.

2- TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series – Most Reliable TV for Night Scenes

TCL 50S435 is one of the smallest screen size options of the TCL-5 series. It comes with QLED technology, bringing quantum dot color to deliver rich and accurate color details. Full array LED backlight would maximize the contrast brightness between the brightest and darkest parts of the TV screen.

Tcl TV

TCL 4 series Roku TV is based on 4k resolution with HDR with a 43-inch LCD model for less than $300. It is also one of the best smart TVs that handles most streaming and online entertainment, including Roku TV software.

It offers a full-featured package that is simple to use and contains high-end features.

Reasons To Buy

Design: TCL-4 series comes with a standard design placed over the tabletop. It is slightly wider along the bottom. V-shaped legs are steady enough.

Ports: It has 3 HDMI 2.1 ports, offering ARC support for soundbars and USB ports, headphone jack, digital audio output, and Ethernet port.

Performance: it can further adjust the backlight, contrast, and color temperature. It has 5 preset modes: brighter, bright, normal, dark, and darker.

Audio: TCL doesn’t support formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. It includes expensive internal speakers, and various audio capabilities are good enough.

Remote control: TCL 50S435 has basic Roku remote control with a four-way directional pad with “Ok.”

Reason Not To Buy

TCL 50S435 Roku LED TV is a capable model to handle 4k streaming content easily for delivering decent pictures at the same price. Smart TV has minimal sound adjustments, and these adjustments are difficult to find. They don’t support Dolby Vision.

3- Hisense 40-Inch 40H5500F Class H55 Series Android Smart TV with Voice Remote – A High-Rated TV

Hisense 40-inch 40H5500F Class H55 is one of the best types of tv for dark scenes and people who want to enjoy 1080p picture quality would love the voice-enabled Android TV platform.

High-quality tv

It includes a DTS studio with crisp sound and Bluetooth audio to stream music without a voice remote. It has built-in Wi-Fi and innovative technologies.

Reasons To Buy

Picture Quality: Hisense 40-inch 40H5500F Class H55 has 1080p picture quality with a voice-enabled Android TV platform which is great for all needs and free over the air TV.

Audio quality: it has crisp and immersive audio from two internal 7-watt speakers and a DTS studio or wirelessly connects a compatible soundbar using built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Inputs & Output: it has 2 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, digital audio output, 1 RCA composite video input.

Remote: Hisense 40-inch 40H5500F Class H55 controlled the TV using the voice-enabled remote easily. Open or search for apps to control volume and inputs for searching favorite TV shows and movies.

Vesa Measurements: Measurements for TV 100 x 200mm/m6 for wall mounting purposes. Wall-mount sold separately.

Google Assistant Built-in: Hisense 40-inch 40H5500F Class H55 has google assistant built-in, which tells to show on light, change the thermostat, and add an item to play the newest viral video.

Reasons Not To Buy

Hisense 40-inch 40H5500F Class H55 has voice control compatibility, and pre-installed applications are included. It also has a separate game mode to enjoy lag-free games, but inputs on this smart TV are a bit lower than expected.

4- TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV – Most Affordable Option

TCL-5 series TV offers solid, quality picture comes with smart TV software for an attractive package. TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision 55S535 is the best choice for your home with improved features and less high price.

Great tv for dim scenes

It uses a quantum dot layer that brings more colors to LCD panels and other standard HDR formats. Also, this technology improves contrast within scenes and is available at a better price.

Reasons To Buy

Design: TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision55S535 has rounded and svelte legs and has improved design from the previous TCL models.

Ports: it comes with 4 HDMI, 2.1 ports with audio return channel ARC. HDMI ports support 60 Hz 4K with a USB2.0 port and analog audio or optical Output. Connection requires an adapter.

Performance: TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision55S535 select brightness levels, and this TV provides normal to the advanced brightness setting.

Test Results: TCL 5series deliver some accurate colors, which offers a Delta E result of 1.76. TCL 5 series has weakness in the area of brightness which gave us 391.9 nits.

Audio: It supports Dolby digital plus soundtracks with robust and three-dimensional Dolby Atmos format. Smart TV has 8-watt speakers with a narrow soundstage.

Remote: TCL 5-series remote control is smaller than the protein bar with minimal buttons. It has a four-way directional pad with an OK button for operating different settings.

Reasons Not to Buy

TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision55S535 has built-in Roku smarts in excellent price offer, but when it comes to sound quality, it has mediocre sound with not very good brightness.

You can go for other smart TVs, and higher-end TCL 8 series and 6-series use quantum dot LCD panels with an advanced backlight so you can have these models to get the best features.

5- Hisense 43-Inch Class R6090G – A Cheaper TV for Dark Night Scenes

Hisense 43-inch class R6090G Smart TV has impressive features in budget manners. It offers performance and affordability. If you are looking for high-quality 4K pictures and come with Roku software inbuilt.

cheaper tv for night scenes

The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. Navigation around the smart interface is simple. It can import your settings with rich colors and sharp black colors. HDR system is perfect for gamers.

Reasons To Buy

4K Resolution: Hisense 43-inch class R6090G Smart TV has over 8 million pixels, which offers a clear and defined picture compared to Full HD.

Faster Gaming: Game mode offers super-low latency, reducing input lag and signals travel faster from fingers to move.

Picture quality: Hisense 43-inch class R6090G Smart TV has an amazing contrast ratio expected from the VA panel and displays deep black when viewed in the dark.

Roku TV interface: it has a built-in Roku TV interface that is easy to use, and menus are smooth to navigate. Roku app store has a great selection of apps to download and run smoothly.

Remote: Hisense 43-inch class R6090G Smart TV is a basic remote with quick access to popular streaming services. It can use the voice control feature in the Roku app on a mobile device.

Reasons To Not Buy

Hisense 43-inch class R6090G Smart TV has amazing native contrast and good reflection handling. It has low peak brightness issues.

So, people who are planning to buy may find problems in these areas, but it performs best in dark rooms because of VA panels with decent response time.

This smart TV has excellent low input lag, but it contains few uniformity issues and narrow viewing angles.


How do you make dark scenes look better on TV?

All you need to do is set your TV’s brightness level too high to make black areas lighter to make the image look better. Make sure you set the brightness level too low to dark the image.

How do I adjust my TV for dark scenes?

Picture mode is set to cinema or custom, the screen may become dark, and if the screen is still dark after picture quality mode is changed, then change the setting backlight picture. Adjust the brightness as per your requirement.

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