Best Tabletop Swivel TV Stands [2022]

The ultimate tv stand guide

Do you know TV stands complement the design and space? It comes in different sizes and models. To place an LCD over the wall, you need a very useful accessory to position the TV. You would come across numerous types of television stands to choose from.

Here in this blog, we will share some of the best heavy-duty swivel TV stand tabletop swivel TV Stands. These stands aren’t brand-specific or model-specific but are compatible with many TV types. Have a look at these tabletop swivel Tv Stands.

List of the Best Tabletop Swivel TV Stand

Here are the top considerations from our side:

1- Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base for 32 to 65 inch TVs Height Adjustable – Best Overall

Hemudu ‎HT04B-002U is one of the best TV stands available in the market. You should consider the Tabletop TV stand, manufactured of tempered glass bases and sleek design. Its height is adjustable to four levels for the desired position of the TV. If you have a bigger 50-inch+ TV, then this stand is the right option.

best overall swivel tv stand for tabletop

The stand can be used on tabletops, desktops, bedrooms, and dressers. Low profile stand is pretty simple to attach and can support up to 99lbs. It can easily rotate to a 180-degree swivel TV stand. 

Reasons To Buy

Height adjustable: Hemudu ‎HT04B-002U is adjustable to improve the watching experience, and you can choose a suitable height as per your desired positioning.

Convenient Swivels: Stand has different viewing needs and requirements to choose the best viewing direction from anywhere you want in the room.

Drilling is not required: It doesn’t require a drill hole on the wall to avoid room damage, and it is for helping people protect the house.

Cable Management Function: Hemudu ‎HT04B-002U can easily make the messy cable together, and it makes your room clean and tidy as well.

Non-slip feet: The stand has rubber feet to protect the desk from dents and scratches to fix the location. It is ideal for tabletop swivel tv stands for 65 inches.

Lock System: Hemudu ‎HT04B-002U has a safety lock to protect the monitor and set up the location as a safety system.

Reasons to Avoid

Depending upon the model of your TV, you might need some additional screws to mount your TV on this stand. Also, if you have a 75-inch TV, then this might not be an ideal stand to go with.

2- Universal Tabletop TV stand base UT1002A – The Runnerup

Universal Tabletop TV stand base UT1002A with swivel mount comes with 8mm black tempered glass base which connects to the metal column for providing stable support for TV and can hold up to 110 lbs. it supports up to 110lbs.

Good quality swivel stand for tv

Tabletop TV stands support LED LCD OLED Plasma TVs. Overall, it is a great quality and sturdy tabletop swivel tv stand 55 inches left or right and adjustable height provided by optimum viewing angles.

Reasons To Buy

Compatibility: Universal Tabletop TV stand base UT1002A with swivel mount supports 27-55 inch LED LCD OLED plasma for different TV brands.

Swivel: Universal Tabletop TV stand base UT1002A with swivel mount can swivel 30 degrees left or right for providing the best viewing angles.

Height Adjustment: Swivel TV stand can be adjusted to a maximum of 3 levels of height with a hook and 2 levels of height with a TV plate.

Easy Installation: Universal Tabletop TV stand base is easy to install with a proper instruction manual for quick and easy installation.

Cable Management: Cable management with this becomes easier, and you can easily hide cords. there is no need for holes.

Reasons to Avoid

Universal Tabletop TV stand base UT1002A with swivel mount is one of the great products to raise your Tv a little higher with the nice feature but included screws are not a good fit for TV.

Most people always complain about wrong size screws, so if you don’t want to get stuck into this, this product is not for you. Some people also find instructions difficult to follow.

3- Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base Table Top TV Stand HT02B-001 – Fits Every TV Size

Universal Swivel TV stand/base Table Top HT02B-001 is a great solution to maximize the viewing experience without drilling holes in the wall. It’s pretty much feasible to place it wherever you want.

univeral tv stand durable quality

Reason To Buy

Swivel Optional: Universal Swivel TV stand/base Table Top HT02B-001 can expand the view to select the suitable watching location.

Height Adjustable: The adjustable height option can help choose the best comfortable posture to make neckless painful.

Heavy Duty TV Stand: Universal Swivel TV stand/base Table Top HT02B-001 has a heavy-duty stand with a detailed instruction manual.

Compatibility: Stand has universal compatibility for LCD, LED plasma flat-screen TVs.

Rubber Non-slip feet: Universal Swivel TV stand/base Table Top HT02B-001 has non-slip rubber, which can protect desk to avoid scratches.

Reasons to Avoid

If you people are looking for a stand that is ideal for a smaller TV, keep it in mind it may block some ports and bolt washers are not of the right size.

4- Universal Table Top TV Base For LCD LED Plasma Flat Screens up to 88lbs – Durable Quality

Rfiver Universal Swivel TV Stand Base Table Top TV stand is equipped with VESA mounting pattern. Table Top TV stand comes with a huge load with a capacity of 110lbs. it can rotate at 30 degrees angles on both left and right sides.

wallet-friendly tv base

It comes with the construction of 10mm tempered glass to offer durability. This stand allows users to adjust stand height from 29-36 inches. It is for safety and convenience. The frame has a safety lock and an integrated cable management mechanism.

Reasons To Buy

Cable Management: Rfiver Universal Swivel TV Stand Base Table Top TV stand can help you hide the wires without going through the wall.

Easy to assemble: Stand is easier to assemble with manual and all necessary hardware for quick and easy installation.

Construction: Rfiver Universal Swivel TV Stand Base Table Top TV stand is made of strong heavy-duty steel, and it can support numerous flat-screen TVs.

Reasons to Avoid

This product is available in different sizes and doesn’t show up as a one-fit solution for all-size TVs. Also, this stand isn’t the right option if you have a bulky or bigger screen TV (55-inch+).

5- WALI Table Top TV Stand – Great Stand for the Money

Wali Table Top stand comes along with sturdy glass to provide stability to the construction. It helps to mount TV from 32 to 47-inch screen. This frame comes with all necessary mounting hardware for installation. This is perfect for LED, LCD, OLED, and plasma flat-screen TV sets.

cheaper tv tabletop stands

It allows users to adjust the height of the stand to different levels. The c   tabletop stand is equipped with 400x400mm VESA. Anti-tip cable help to secure the TV against the wall for stable installation.

Reasons To Buy

Compatibility: Wali Table Top stand is compatible with TV stand, which carries up to 88 lbs and holds 32”-47”.

Height Adjustability: it’s easier to adjust the height to the top 3 positions with a sleek design and tempered glass base.

Cable Management: Wire clip helps to organize messy cables, including steel security for sturdy TV connection over concrete and brick wall.

What’s in the box? It includes 1 x Wali TV stand with Glass Base, 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual with 10-year protection.

Reasons to Avoid

At the bottom of this stand are 4 adhesive discs that you put at the corners of the glass bottom, but that adhesive is not strong at all. You may need to glue the feet to the stand.


Do any TVs have a swivel base?

Yes, TV stands have a swivel base. It’s important to have in every TV because it’s pretty much easier to swivel your TV up to 20 degrees left and right for a stable footprint.

What is a swivel TV mount?

Swivel mounts consist of simple devices that make it easier for electronic appliances to turn from left to right or in a complete circle. You will get numerous options for a TV stand with a swivel mount top-notch manufacturers.

How do you make a swivel base for a TV?

Just measure the base of the TV and get the proper size of wood. Place the swivel on one piece of wood. Drill the hole where the markings are placed. Just place the lazy Susan swivel on one of the pieces of wood.

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