Best Sony 4K HDR TV For Gaming

Guide to 4K Sony gaming tvs

Many modern 4K TVs are one of the most preferred choices for gaming manufacturers, which help to improve gaming performance. The latest models have refresh rate VRR technology and auto low latency mode. TV that supports HDMI 2.1 can help you play 4K games to 120 fps. Here in this blog, we will share the best HDR TV for gaming. Have a look

List of the Best Sony 4K HDR TV for Console Gaming

Here are the top considerations from our side:

1- Sony X90J 55 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR Full-Array LED 4K – Overall Best for Console Gaming

Sony X90J has better picture quality with a 4K HDR LED TV, and it has various innovative features with leading AI-enabled image processing and specification. It has impressive 4K picture quality, producing the best sound for next-generation game consoles. HDR 4K support and PS5 gaming features would have the latest specs in any gaming TV.

best 4K Sony TV for gaming

Reasons To Buy

Design and Set-up: Sony X90J has a thin bezel with a full array backlight, improving picture quality. It allows freedom to AV furniture choice, which helps to create space for a soundbar.

Picture quality: Artificial intelligence enhances image TV picture quality with a new cognitive processor, XR, to process picture information.

Performance: Sony X90J has a new cognitive XR processor where the latest technology aims to replicate the objects in real life. It has overall picture brightness with high ambient light.

Local dimming: Sony X90J offers a full array of local dimming that illuminates different areas of the screen for better contrast. It has a 120Hz refresh rate which supports major HDR formats.

Connectivity: it has 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, composite AV input, an Ethernet port, which are great for gamers with a high frame rates advantage.

Reasons To Avoid

If you prefer high-performance, 4K LED for an excellent gaming experience, then HFR 4K supports excellent image quality. The gaming screen is best for bright room gaming but only has two HR HDMI inputs.

It looks beautiful for HDR games and movies. As we have already mentioned, only 2 4K 120 Hz HDMIs are available and won’t support HDR10+. It is known as a 120 Hz 4K Tv for gaming. You will get more subtle designs from other manufacturers with similar picture quality.

2- Sony X80J 65 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV – Best Value Gaming TV

Picture quality doesn’t expect models to perform differently than alternatives. Sony X80J, 65 Inch TV, is available in different sizes from 43 inches to 75 inches. It comes with a smart remote which features a microphone with dedicated buttons for Netflix and Google Play Store. These smart TVs come with the Google smart platform, which has become the best android TV software of years.

Reasons To Buy

Design: Sony X80J 65 Inch TV is the best budget 4K TV for gaming which is completely made out of plastic. It has a pretty standard and plain design with connection ports.

Video Quality: New cognitive processor XR models come with an X1 HDR processor. Dynamic contrast enhancer automatically adjusts the contrast settings as per the environment for more defined colors.

Light technology: Direct LED system uses light, including IPS panel, which is less capable than the FALD system. The IPS panel is integrated with a direct LED light system.

Performance: Sony X80J 65 Inch TV has the latest acoustic auto calibration with dual X balanced speakers. Ultra-slim LCD panels use frame dimming technology. TV offers higher brightness and better backlight, and black uniformity.

Viewing angles: Sony X80J 65 Inch TV uses an IPS panel with VA panels. It doesn’t feature any wide viewing angle technology to improve further performance.

HDR support: Sony X80J 65 Inch TV support HDR formats with a budget-friendly 4K model. HLG is used in broadcasting, and Dolby Vision uses dynamic metadata to offer the best quality.

Color Coverage: It comes with wide color gamut support with fundamental requirements for HDR technology, which allows achieving a wide color spectrum.

Reasons To Avoid

Sony X80J, 65 Inch TV, has excellent viewing angles with extremely low input lag. It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, but the contrast ratio is average, and brightness output is not good enough with no HDMI 2.1. It won’t support VRR and ALLM.

3- Sony A90J 55 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR OLED 4K Ultra HD – High-End Gaming TV

Sony A90J, 55 Inch TV, has an authentic picture and better sound quality with the best SDR and HDR. It has added acoustic surface audio plus technology that turns the screen into the speaker and Google TV, making the system smarter.

It has exciting technology for producing accurate images for the monitor experience. XR OLED contrast Pro technology gives higher brightness and deep blacks with excellent black.

high-end gaming tv from SONY

Reasons To Buy

Build: Sony A90J 55 Inch TV has thin, black, flush bezels. It has 6mm deep with the slimmest point and 41mm thickest. It has 2 ports of HDMI 2.1.

Picture Quality: Sony A90J 55 Inch TV has outstanding motion handling with the highest quality pure stream. Its image is sharper and more detailed.

Sound: it has superb sound quality because the audio and video are superb. It sounds good as per TV standards.

Connections: It has two 3.5 mm jacks for AV breakout cables connections. There are two USB slots, an HDMI 2.0 port with a mic on/off switch and digital audio output and two satellites and one RF antenna port.

Reasons To Avoid

Sony A90J, 55 Inch TV, is one of the stunning masterpieces by Sony, which maintains authenticity and significantly sounds better than others.

It has exquisite picture quality and magnificent sound with HDMI 2.1 support, but it has missed some essential features and no UK catchup TV series. Although you can get other options, it is not a very cheap 4K HDR TV for gaming.

4- Sony X85J 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD – Affordable Option

Sony X85J, 55 Inch TV, is perfect for looking for the good stuff. It is one such mid-range option and worth considering image quality. It has a native frequency of 120 Hz. Sony X85J, 55 Inch TV, has screen sizes from 43 inches to 85 inches.

The latest 2021 series is an LED LCD TV with a 100/120Hz VA panel with a direct LED backlight system and a less capable X1 HDR processor. The TV supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision using a simple 2.0 channels audio system and comes with Google TV.

cheaper Sony 4k gaming tv 55-inch

Reasons To Buy

Design: Sony X85J 55 Inch TV depends on horizontal space. The interface part is located on the left side of the rear and has a stand that is itself black.

HDR support: Sony X85J 55 Inch TV gets HDR10+, and it has HDR protocols with 4K UHD playback. It uses dynamic metadata to offer the best quality.

Color coverage: it comes with wide color gamut support for HDR content viewing to make the color look more vivid.

Connections: Sony X85J 55 Inch TV has HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K at 120 Hz support. It is worth noting for 1080p resolutions.

Sound: It uses a standard 2.0 speaker layout—pair of speakers with X-balanced and room compensation.

Reasons To Avoid

Sony X85J, 55 Inch TV, has good picture contrast with low input, and it also features HDMI 2.1, but HDR brightness is not up to the mark. It has bad viewing angles with mediocre motion performance. There is no VRR yet. You can buy other options at this price with smart key features.


Is a 4K HDR TV good for gaming?

4K HDR TV is good for gaming which has incredibly sharp images to support refresh rates with low latency game modes. It can deliver a stunning image with deep blacks and vibrant colors.

Is Sony X950H worth it?

It is great for gaming and high contrast ratio and outstanding black uniformity to make it a good choice for darkroom gaming. It has a fast 120 Hz refresh rate with a great response time.

Do I need a 4K TV to play 4K games?

4K UHD isn’t required for playing games and apps that use 4K features such as 4k resolution and HDR which can switch those features/

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